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There’s Never Been a Better Time to Write Your Book

In this new world of digital technology, the traditional process of publishing a book has been turned upside down. Print-on-demand distribution and eBooks allow authors to successfully produce their own books. Self-published works are now considered on par with traditionally published ones. Even well-established authors are bypassing the traditional process. No longer are authors at the mercy of big publishing houses.

The Benefits of Self-Publishing:

  • offers the entrepreneur and small business owner an additional creative marketing tool
  • gets your book out quickly
  • offers you total control over every aspect of your book
  • lets you “test market” different aspects of your book (cover, marketing approach, title/subtitle, etc.)
  • provides residual back-of-the-room sales at events and speaking engagements
  • serves to shine the light on your message, and through your own marketing efforts, shows mainstream publishers your marketability

However, with the freedom to self-publish comes the responsibility of the author to manage every aspect of the process themselves. Once many aspiring authors realize the daunting challenge in front of them, they may become overwhelmed and delay the development of their work. Or worse, they may stumble through the process, spending additional time and money that may not be necessary.

At New Publishing Partners, we have the experience and contacts to successfully guide authors through the entire process of self-publishing their work: from development, through printing and eBook creation, to successfully marketing their products. We help authors understand the details of the process then connect them those necessary to edit, print, and distribute their book. We also are available for consulting along every step of the process. Our services allows authors to concentrate on what they do best – actually writing their book and successfully promoting it.

Find out more at one of our workshops or webinars. If you need more direct or immediate help, please contact us right away. We will be happy to find out where you are in the process of writing your book and how we can help you along your journey.