New Publishing Partners Mailing List

At New Publishing Partners, our mission is to help aspiring authors through the complex and often confusing world of self-publishing.

While technologies like print-on-demand and eBooks have leveled the publishing playing field allowing any author to feasibly self-publish their work, the responsibility for managing all aspects of the publishing process sits squarely on the shoulders of the author. In this new world of publishing, an author is also the publisher, distributor, and promoter. No wonder so many people put off writing that book they have inside them!

Writing a successful book is just like starting and managing a new business – because in fact that is what it needs to be! And just like any successful business, the owner knows that they must delegate some responsibilities to trusted partners. For aspiring authors, New Publishing Partners helps them understand the process, acts as a trusted guide through the twists and turns, makes connections with additional partners as required, and helps them make the book a success through systematic marketing.

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